Shopping for home insurance isn’t simple as what most people think.


As a matter of fact, it has become so common among insurance agents to get last-minute decisions from escrow and/or title firms who are requesting for home insurance binder.


Well, one way of saving yourself from such trouble is to have an idea of how you can carry out your shopping for such policy the moment that the purchase offer has been approved. What’s more, you have to realize that home insurance is far more different than what a home warranty plan offers. What your insurance broker or agent will do is perform thorough research. This is to ensure that they will be able to quote you with the best rates for the policy that you are requesting from them.



Answers to these Questions Determine Your Approval and Premium


On the other hand, in an effort for them to determine the insurability, expect them to ask questions such as:

  • When was the property built?
  • How old was the electrical and plumbing system?
  • What is the type of roofing installed?
  • What is the property’s square footage?
  • How many claims have already been filled for the past half-decade and;
  • Where’s the location of the house?

If the house is built in a favorable location, then there is high probability to get better quotations for home insurance.