Selecting Your Car Insurance Policy

In the entire state of US, car insurance is a mandatory among car owners. This serves as a proof of their financial responsibility. There are many good reasons why majority of the states are requiring car insurance. To further understand how important such coverage is, it is highly recommended that you read the entire post.

The benefits of owning a policy outweighs the drawbacks associated with the plan, especially if you look through the possible loss of your asset as a result of an accident. Like mentioned, the advantages of car insurance overshadows its disadvantages which include but not limited to:


  1. Significantly reduces lawsuits – by simply having insurance, you’re automatically protected from any form of accidents. This is regardless whether you’re considered at fault or someone’s negligence.
  2. Peace of mind – if you’re not insured, then everything that you have to spend on the accident, getting the car fixed and everything in between will come from your out of pocket.
  3. Guarantees reliable transport – there are numerous insurance policies that are offering additional car rental insurance.

These reasons alone have enough convincing power for car owners to apply for auto cash and get themselves the policy.

By Law


As mentioned, the law mandates every car owner to have some form of insurance. And the minimums are the least that they can get.


If you are involved in an accident and has no personal injury and liability insurance, then you may be looking at court fines on top of the civil liabilities if ever someone is killed or injured.


In some situations, failing to secure insurance and being involved in a major accident may lead to felony charges to be brought against you. The gravity of your case can be twice as big if ever DUI is involved or any kind of distracted or reckless driving.

Most will be depending on how serious the injuries were. Negligent homicide charge is one of the most serious and deemed as 3rd-degree murder.


Saving and Protecting Yourself

For sure, you don’t want any of this to happen. In that case, see to it that you have secured yourself car insurance. In the event that you’re stopped by an officer for routine traffic check and then you don’t have coverage papers to show, then you are expected to pay fine of somewhere around 400 to 1000 dollars.


So why trouble yourself in these sorts of things when you can prevent it from happening in the first place if you have car insurance policy.

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