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Car Consumer Tips To Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Numerous cars are financed. This applies to both new and used cars. Automobile banks deal with the financing of motor vehicles and handle the financing needs of end consumers through car dealers.



The market share of car banks in the motor vehicle financing area is enormous, which is partly due to the clever sales strategies. Consumers are well-advised to deal with the typical price drivers, which are often presented as attractive extras, before buying a car.


Car Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive


Suitable car insurance is part of the supposed all-round carefree package for customers in many car dealerships. However, many consumers have no idea that this will benefit not the car buyer but primarily the dealer. Many car dealerships work closely with insurance companies and collect high commissions for mediated contracts. Insured people usually pay significantly more than the offers that they could get from comparison portals. That is why customers are well advised to concentrate on the financing of the vehicle in the dealership and to choose the insurance themselves.


There is great savings potential for digital insurers because they make the insurance cover particularly cheap due to the minimal administrative effort. However, the selection of digital providers is still very limited. According to the financial test 2019, Friday Insurance SA offers a far better premium level than the average in the area of ​​car insurance. The online car insurer is part of the Swiss Baloise Group, which also includes Basler Insurance. The car insurance from Friday can be canceled monthly and completed online within a few minutes. Few drivers can take advantage of a tariff with billing to the nearest kilometer. In general, consumers are well-advised to carry out a price comparison on the Internet and to find out about fair conditions from independent portals.


Expensive financing through residual debt insurance


The core business in the context of car financing also includes residual debt insurance. An extremely expensive and nonsensical policy in the automotive sector that consumers can save. The insurance is intended to protect the borrowers or their relatives in the event that they die during the term of the loan. She should also step in in the event of unemployment or illness. However, whether the policy actually pays in an emergency depends heavily on the contract.


The gaps due to exclusion clauses are significant. Since the bank has the vehicle as collateral with a car insurance company, residual debt insurance is not necessary. In some cases, cars are financed comparatively cheaply, but with the residual debt insurance, the car dealerships or car banks increase their sales properly. Several thousand euros in additional costs from residual debt insurance alone are not uncommon, but rather the rule. Since the costs are stated in the effective interest rate, they can be well concealed. A doubling of the credit costs is conceivable.