Tailor-Made Insurance For Los Angeles Lyft Law Firm

Insurance for lawyers is a livelihood. As a lawyer, great responsibility rests on your shoulders. After all, your Los Angeles lyft law firm clients trust your professional advice.

But if you are accused of mistakes, this quickly threatens your existence and reputation. How exactly do you limit costs and recourse risks?

If the worst comes to the worst, insurance companies step in, such as professional liability insurance for lawyers, contents insurance, office liability insurance, cyber insurance and legal protection insurance.

A must for every lawyer: Professional liability insurance

If you believe the latest statistics, a quarter of all lawyers face liability allegations at least once a year. For example, through incorrect advice, missed deadlines or disregard of special legal regulations.

Such as in contract law: Suppose a successor takes over his father’s business, signs the contract you drafted, and realizes a few years later that pension costs are unexpectedly skyrocketing. Whose fault is this? Possibly yours, as his attorney.

Even small mistakes have expensive consequences.

Professional liability insurance for the lawyer cushions the consequences of legal decisions and is liable for financial losses.


Insurance for lawyers: Legal protection insurance

If you would like to be represented by a colleague you trust in a legal dispute in a different area, you are free to choose your lawyer as part of the legal protection insurance. Alternatively, you can commission one of the partner lawyers of your legal expenses insurance.

If you work as an employee, employment legal protection can help you defend yourself against unfair dismissal in a dispute with your employer. Also note that the professional liability insurance of the law firm you work for only covers part of your activities.


Cyber ​​insurance for a law firm: Stop data risks

Los Angeles lyft law firm

The unexpected often comes with risks that endanger the existence of a law firm.

Renowned cyber insurance companies employ qualified IT security service providers who are available to insured persons 24/7 in an emergency. Risks in the context of forensics and data recovery, third-party damage, Internet data theft as well as hacker attacks, malware attacks and prevention of cyber blackmail are part of the catalog of services.

Good IT and cyber insurance are tailored to the needs of notaries and lawyers. All employees of the office plus IT systems and electronic devices are insured.

No matter what mistakes you make in your legal practice and what type of damage you are responsible for.

A carefully coordinated insurance portfolio protects you as a person, your reputation and your law firm. Optimum protection means that every single component fits.

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