Dreaming of Owning a Caravan? A Finance Broker Can Help Make It Come True

Years ago, caravanning was not as popular as it is today, because caravans back then were just big metal boxes you can hitch to your automobile to travel away. However, the advanced features of modern day caravans have made buying a caravan outright a more elusive goal. Yet why stall? Caravan loan providers in Australia have made it possible for dreamers to purchase a caravan, which ordinary folks can’t afford if relying only on their savings.



If such a thought has already crossed your mind, you should start looking for a licensed finance broker who can help you find the best financing deal. While car dealerships may entice you with their own financing offers, you could be at risk of signing up for a loan deal that does not suit your financial capacity.

Potential Pitfalls of Agreeing to a Dealer’s Caravan Loan Offer

Keep in mind that many car dealers are not licensed to offer credit facilities, which means they are not obligated by law to work out a loan that is beneficial to a car consumer. Most Australian car dealerships earn additionally by raising the loan rates that traditional lenders quote if you are to apply directly with a bank or other lending institutions.


Besides, most car dealers are sales-driven, and could work in cahoots with an Australian lender, who is willing to reimburse the dealership for the entire price value of the caravan you purchased on finance.


In case you agreed to a caravan loan that you can’t afford to keep paying religiously and on time, the lender will be too eager to repossess the caravan. After all, the demand for caravans in Australia is currently high, which means the lender can easily auction it off in order to recover the money paid to the car dealership. You on the other hand, could end up caravan-less. Even worse is that you will still owe the lender the unpaid installments that have earned past due interests and penalty charges.

How Can a Finance Broker Help?


Licensed finance brokers are financial service providers whose main obligation is to work out and negotiate the best financing deal on behalf of their clients. National Loans Australia for one, will help you work out a financing option that is tailor fit to your financial capabilities.



Let’s say you’ve already saved some money for your dream caravan, you can use it as down payment to reduce the principal amount of your caravan loan. Reducing the principal amount also means reducing the interest rate that a lender will apply. A finance broker will suggest for you to apply for a pre-approved loan just so you’ll have an idea of how much to expect as monthly payments.


Based on the loan offers of banks and other financial lending institutions, a finance broker will help you craft a caravan loan that suits your financial capability. As broker, he or she will negotiate with any of the offering lenders to approve the customised loan crafted based on your financial circumstances

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