Social Trading : The Best Approach to Becoming an Expert Financial Market Trader

Everyone knows financial trading is not something one can master just by reading up on ebooks and viewing video tutorials of self-professed financial experts. Not unless a person immerses himself in actual financial trading, he cannot say for sure that he has learned all there is to know about trading. Today, there are social trading platforms that newbie traders can use for startup trading activities, whilst having the benefit of acquiring indirect or indirect guidance from seasoned financial traders.


How Does Social Trading Work?


Inasmuch as newbie traders still lack confidence to trade based on their own analysis of an investment asset’s performance in the financial market, social trading will enable them to follow and copy the trading positions of the more experienced traders. At the same time, social trading platforms furnish newbie traders access to financial markets so they can actually trade and execute the strategies used by successful peers and other seasoned traders.


Although social trading is oft recommended to people who are still at that stage of discovering how financial trading works along with the risks involved, there are traders who have long been in the trading business who still prefer to use social trading platforms. After all, copying or replicating an expert’s financial position is also a strategy for making investing easier, less time-consuming and generally, more successful.

How Do Social Trading Platforms Work?


A social trading platform works similarly to a social networking platform. It’s a virtual place where both neophyte and experienced financial traders can meet mainly to obtain, exchange and/or share financial market data, investing methods and strategies. Yet unlike social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, a social trading platform requires participants to place a minimum deposit as funds to use when trading.



While social trading platforms enable users to connect and access information about the trading activities of peers and of the experts they choose to follow, it is still criticall to choose the right platform. In instances when copying is not enough for some users, it’s also important that they will be able to communicate with the financial experts they follow; as well as be able to view the expert’s trading history.


Moreover, a good social trading platform enables users to view and easily monitor their own trading history as a way to determine if they are making progress in making their own investing decisions.

Reference Reviews When Choosing a Social Trading Platform


One way to get genuine insights about a social trading platform is to use as reference, reviews conducted by independent investment analysis instead of simply relying on what the social trading website’s claims and promises.AskTrader dot com for one makes a review of different providers of financial investing services, including those that offer social trading platforms.



Since one of the most popular social trading platforms appearing in the radars of social traders is provided by a Cyprus-based company known as Tradeo, readers can find an in-depth Tradeo review at the AskTrader website.


A quick read shows that AskTrader’s team of analysts conducted a Tradeo broker review because this financial service provider mainly does business as a CFD or Contract For Difference broker and at the same time provides a CFD trading platform.


Tradeo also furnishes their members with an online social trading platform called Social Web Trader, where they can find a network of traders who actually provide copy trading as a service. The review is quite comprehensive as it provides critical information to use as bases for making informed decisions.

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